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New rear seat mod

Edge 513

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Below is a email and response that just needs to be published somewhere due to its far reaching implications for Canard aircraft. Its amazing how just a simple question posed one to another/builder to builder, can spark wonderful modification ideas and resultant improvements to our aircraft! Below is the email and the reply...


I am making the rear seats and am wondering why there is a ½ inch gap between the seats and the heating duct cover. Do we really need that much clearance?

Do the seat belts need the clearance? Que paso




[Ya kinda have to know how Ted and I go 'back and forth' together....anyway....]


Its because they can be that way and no one will notice whats under the cushions. The seat belt point isn't affected or near the seat gaps. I wanted mine to not look sloppy when cushions were pulled out. So I did mine tight to the sides both ways. Pic below of my full wide seats.

I fully expect you will decide to do them somehow completely opposite of me in some fashion, just to be cantankerous, because obviously as you have insinuated before, what I did was too anal, and took too long.

Ohhh Heowww. I have an idea-

Since Nats are narrower than the fuselage...let extrapolate that and go narrower yet. Wait, its taking shape..narrower, more narrower....my mind is gettting a picture. Yow! There it is! Ta Da!

Why dont you make ''thong-style'' rear seats...just a stiff bungee cord fastened in the middle of each seat. Easy to build.

Women really only fit back there anyway, so they will just think their thongs are riding up a little too tight. Nice suspended bungee ride- you will be a hit with your fantastic modification! You can somehow cleverly name this new mod after yourself, even though I gave you the idea...At fly-ins women will clamor to ride in your beatseat. "oh the comfort, Oh the ride, Oh I had NO idea how Cozy a Cozy really wassss"!! You will be a hit with the new Teds Terrific Thong Thang back seats!!!

Clearly we are on to something here.......go tiger! My seats are done, you go blaze the new trail!!!!!:envy:


Self confessed Wingnut.

Now think about it...wouldn't you rather LIVE your life, rather than watch someone else's, on Reality T.V.?

Get up off that couch!!! =)


Progress; Fuselage on all three, with outside and inside nearly complete. 8 inch extended nose. FHC done. Canard finished. ERacer wings done with blended winglets. IO540 starting rebuild. Mounting Spar. Starting strake ribs.

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Since my wife is a big cyclist, I am going to mount two of those razor-blade type seats back there to make her feel at home.


On a less serious note, how does one get out of the back seat in one of these beasts. In the VE or LE, you grab a handful of longeron, a little skyhook and you are free. That's difficult with only one longeron in reach. My duct is quite small, and I am trying to design a way to make ingress and egress somewhat easier for both front and back. Perhaps I will build both up, or have a swing down rest for these purposes. Any ideas??


Once in great, once out great it is the transition that is the killer.:irked:

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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You are very correct these Cozy's are really tough to get out of compared to a tandem Eze. I am thinking of putting what I call a movable Johnson bar in my cozy. It will hinge and maybe connect to the fhc. so I can taxi with the canopy open and use it in the down position to get out of the plane. Just an idea I am kicking around. Build on STeve

Steve Harmon

Lovin Life in Idaho

Cozy IV Plans #1466 N232CZ


Working on Chapter 19,21

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