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More questions, this time engine related


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I have been considering using a Delta Hawk diesel engine on my Cozy. I understand it is flying on a Velocity. I like the lower operation cost and greater range.


Anybody else consider this engine, or the SMC diesel (I think that is right) made in Spain?

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Well, I know that the Spanish outfit is shipping theirs as a certified engine on several planes.

I believe you're thinking of the French SMA diesel:




This is an extremely heavy 230 HP diesel which would be totally inappropriate for a COZY, even if you could buy one for an experimental.


I had understood that the 160Hp experimental version of the Delta Hawk is shipping even though the 180 and 200 hp versions aren't.

A cursory web search will turn up myriad discussions regarding the development (or lack thereof) of these engines, which have been just around the corner for at least 13 years now. While there are a couple that have flown, they are NOT shipping in volume to customers, and it's not clear when/whether they ever will. Every year at OSH it's the same story - very soon now...


One positive aspect is that you don't have to think about engines until you're close to done with your project, which normally takes many years. Same with instrument panels. Worry about an engine later - build the airframe now.

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Like Marc said, we don't have to worry about the engine yet. It would be nice to have a few more "bolt on" engine options available, and in 2 to 7 years things could change. We can build to our hearts delight right now, and if we follow the plans, we should be able to get just about any engine that becomes available and reliable, to work. I just hope everything stays quiet at the mines this weekend so that I can get some plane building accomplished.

Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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