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Long Speed Brake Plans


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Now that RAF is entirely out of the homebuilt buissness - how would one go about getting an educational look at the 14$ (RAF) speed brake plans for the Long-ez:confused:


They are not in the Open-Ez package, nor are they included on the TERF CD. I do not suppose they contain any templates so scaling is not a concern...




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The Long-EZ plans (original) have a copy of the Vari-Eze landing brake plans. That's what you will be looking for on the Terf CD

Right on TMann :banana: Thanks!

Does indeed seem that the Long refers to Section VI of the Varieze plans. On the TERF CD this file is located in the Varieze folder as VEZVI.PDF.


BTW: LPC #35 changes the dimension from 16" by 16" to 17½" by 17½".


Thanks for your help.



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G'day all


I was looking in my plans and couldn't find a GREAT article I downloaded on the cutting and fitting of composite hatches. I must have misplaced it along with my memory....


If any of you know the link, would you be so kind as to send it to me so I may download it again.


Thanks in advance!



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