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  1. Hi Spaceshipper, According to the CPs Divinicell H is a good replacement (See http://www.diabgroup.com) and useb by many. Comes in all the strengths/weights required and in any thickness too - albeit is quite costly. Regards, Juhl-EZ
  2. Based on data supplied by CSA I have done a small Long-Ez weight study, mainly to find the impact of the use of the popular O-320 engine option. So please find som digest data points. Based on data for 92 nos. O-235 powered vs. 107 nos O-320 powered versions of the Long I found that: O-235 Long-Ez, average weight 896 lbs (Max. 1050 lbs/Min. 791 lbs) O-320 Long-Ez, average weight 961 lbs (Max. 1084 lbs/Min. 845 lbs) I have done simple 'data wash' like removing what is (hopefylly) typos like a a 400 or 1400 lbs empty weight. Now go figure based on Marcs accurate numbers from the POH and you will conclude that most LE are flown significantly over gross. And its not simple to estimate what *real* resserve is hiden in Burts design. This would have to consider such 'simple issues' as structural strengt including buckling of structures with unknown imperfections (read builder competence, variances in dimensions and material properties among other) and structure/flow interaction (Flutter) Everyone are free to make up their own opinion on the subject (including that on MTOW) but beware that you will most likely only know the 'true' limit by means of the first NTSB report. I guess this is where the the 'Experimental' part comes in Safe building, Henrik
  3. To my knowledge there was no complete update of the plans to higher revisions. All the subsequent changes are contained in the CPs #24 through #82 (also on the TERF CD). You need by hand to mark up all changes. I ended out by printing all CP and cut out all individual revisons and glued then into the printed plans in the appropirate places - lots of work, but a very good way to familirize yourself with the plans. Regards, Henrik
  4. Hi all, I have made a cunning plan - and as a result, the family summer holidays will be spend in the US. So after the dear wife and my daughters return to Denmark I will spend 4 days at Wittman with permanent residence in Camp Scholler (Tuesday through Friday) :banana: Any particular location/time during the event to find fellow canardians:confused: Marcs forum on Thursday for sure - anywhere else? (Rutan followers: I guess it's no longer enough to turn your cap around the wrong way to indicate you inclination...) Juhl-Ez Pre building an Open-Ez (90% complete... Workshop nearly done, procuring materials)
  5. I'm researching what foam to use for Open-Ez wings and have read all the discussions on FB (Fabication Billet) versus BB (Bouyancy/Flotation Billet) and what Spruce/Wicks sell. Have not yet come up with a final verdict but did find this bit of information - valid for those who wants to know more: http://www.answers.com/topic/expanded-polystyrene-foam-epf Regards, Henrik
  6. FYI one fellow Dane is building a RV-10 with this engine. He apparently has allready taken delivery of his engine in January. See more here: http://www.rv10.dk/rv10/rv/mp/motor.html http://www.rv10.dk/rv10/rv/fin/engmount.html Regards, Henrik
  7. For what it is worth, all Longs and Cozies build in Denmark have AFAIK been build using those Interglass cloths. AFAIK these where the ones originallay used by BR. Comparisons of Hexcel and Interglass types along eith and conlusions would be most welcome. I have attached an (old) Interglass datasheet showing the properties for both. Interglass.pdf Regards, Henrik Juhl
  8. If not - then see it here.... (It's not mine - I just found it - credit goes to 'dougkeeny' at Flickr)
  9. Ever since I wrote that, I have been trying to find out just where I did read about this - and tonight, I quite by accident stumbled across it again. (The reason I could not find it was that the title of the write-up was different from what I thought it should be). I'ts an very thorough article by Tom Staggs presented in CSA newsletter issue 73 page 25 (i.e January 2004) 'Wing Fence Effects'. His measuremenmts show a deck angle of 1.8º at 150 KIAS increasing to 4.1º at 110 KIAS. 3º is found at app. 130 KIAS - so you could be right depending on your cruise speed.. Hope this helps - I myself have bookmarked the CSA for doing main gear fairings... Regards Henrik
  10. Just my 2 cents... I may be wrong, but it would seem to me that both landing 'impact' (Sorry I'm not familiar with your landing style... ) and braking would tend to excert upward fores on the rear bracket - i.e. the failure mode is not likely to be tearing of bolt upwards through the (too) short edge distance... Henrik
  11. In my book you need: Moldless Composite Homebuilt Sandwich Aircraft Construction (3rd Ed) (TERF CD) Long-EZ plans (TERF CD) Enhanced Performance Rudder (TERF CD) Roncz canard construction (TERF CD - minus templates) Internal rudder bellhorn (TERF CD) Varieze Landing/Speed brake plans (TERF CD) Owners manual (2nd Ed) (TERF CD) O-235 Engine Installation (TERF CD - Good reference even if not installing 235) Open-Ez drawings templates (A1-A14) (Open-Ez Rev. 5) Canard Pusher Newsletter #24 through #83 (TERF CD) Central States Association Newsletters 1990 to present (Terry Schubert) So first of, go buy the TERF CDs. Do not copy part of this to anyone - give Matt the business - he bought the 'right' to material from Burt. And it is very good value for money! (There is even rumours that Burt is getting royalty - guess its only rumours...) So in fact all you are missing is the full scale templates for the Roncz canard - I'm currently check-ing if it is a viable solution to scale up the template page of the TERF CD and if it's accurate. In UK the PFA has collected a data sheet (TADS 074A) of what they deem to be checked for a long – you may find that usefull, as it sort of collects many of the known shortcomings (referred or remedied in the CP newsletters). It can be found here: TADS 074A Most other documents can be considered 'background material' - useful but not required. Get the above and start building - the rest will follow. Hope this is useful to you Best wishes Henrik
  12. I on the contary have read that the cruise AOA (measured against upper longeron) is in the range of 1.5º to 2.0º... There is an article in the one of the CSA newsletters on it - some guy took a smartlevel on board and went flying. I'll look up the reference tonight. Regards, Henrik
  13. Juhl-EZ

    TERF Cd.

    AFAIK they are the same thing - mine is a 3 CD collection name encyclopedia. However I do not know if different versions have been avialable through time...
  14. Thansk --D--. I will be geting some additional crosschecks from friendly souls allowing me to check and ensure consistency - I'll be back. Henrik
  15. Thanks Lynn - that would be just great! but since I'm Europe that would probably be too much to ask, but on the other hand if you could offer the dimensionsion I would be all Regards, Henrik

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