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New LongEZ Group


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Hey, Guy's ColdLake-Tim here; (my email at bottom) Putting together a Long project, may use a 64A418 platform...Anyhow>


Since leaving the Canard-Aviatiors close to a year ago, Actually Walt booted me for criticizing his lack of Knowledge of Yahoo management operation/settings. :grouphug:


I have finally set-up a LongEZ Yahoo Builders Group, like the Cozy guy's did for themselves, LongEZ link> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LongEZ/


Why?....I check email more often than logging in and with Worksite filters getting better, some sites are out of reach.....BETTER Hell Yeah!


The Group is not moderated so no delayed/missing messages. The Reply's go to the group and not the members (like da udder one does ;-) Which means you don't have to bugger around reassiging messages....My Groups Police themselves so no need for censorship. Been doing this just about 10yrs now with approx 5,500 member over all......No troubles!:ROTFLMAO:


Tim Cramb

Cold Lake


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Spodmeister, G'day mate....I started the Aircar Group several years back so am the Owner. I also manage the Coot Builders Group for Richard Steeves (Plans Rights' Holder/Seller) I set up Doug Palmer as the Aircar manager/moderator. I back him up if needed. Had a set of Aircar plans but sold them 4-5yrs ago.


Doug had his 1st flight in his 100% plansbuilt Spencer Aircar Amphibian last summer.... :thumbsup:




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