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How to make my nose 1 inch longer?


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I have completed 1/2 of my Ng-30's.


Foam cut to plans, middle section extended one inch up. Inside layups done, 4 bid, 2 uni per newsletter recommendation.


Outside prepped for layup. Foam for glass hardpoints removed and blended. Plywood hardpoint fabricated and beveled and floxed in.


I have read several posts concering keeping the NoseGear standard length, i.e. do not remove 1.0-1.5 inch as received from featherlite.

In order to do this, some have suggested making the NG-30's1.0-1.5 inches.


Now since I have already completed one side of the NG-30's, is it possible to add 1.0-1.5 inches before completing the outside layups?


I am considering adding 1 inch of foam flush with the outside, then complete the outside layup. Then after cure, flip them over and add a 6 ply

1.0 inch tape to build up the bare foam. Then apply a 2.5 inch 2 ply tape covering the 1.0 inch build up tape lapping 1.5 inches onto the NG-30.


Is this a good plan? Is it advisable to lengthen the NG-30's to accodomate a longer Nose Gear?



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I must have missed something. I finished my NG30s last year and didn't hear anything about making the nose strut 1" longer. What's the purpose?


Are you saying you're adding an inch on the end closest to the F22 bulkhead? If you're going to butt joint the foam and do the layups per procedure you'll be fine. Sounds like your plan might even be a bit of overkill with 6 plies.

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Some builders leave the nose strut longer than plans so that the nose sits slightly higher. When taking off, it helps put the canard at a slightly higher angle of attack, thus helping the nose to lift off sooner.


1.75 inches longer is about as long as you can go without moving the nose strut pivot point (the casting) fourhter forward. At 1.75 inches longer, the nose wheel is almost touching the instrument panel as it enters the fuselage.

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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