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So, whats the take on the aircooled 3.0 911 motor? I remember that they built stc power plants in the late 70's/early 80's. I'm a 911 owner, and in my

research I know it's possible to build a n.a. 3.0+ motor over 200 hp- this is without stressing the motor. 250,000 + miles on steet 911 is now, common place. Now factor in dohc,forged crank, and last but not least, it's air cooled-no h20. Cost if you build 8k. Don't know if it needs a reduction set up though.

Whats the opinion on this one?



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You still have the problem of having to have a re-drive. I've looked for Porsche stuff on the web, and have had a hard time finding anything other than the Mooney/Porsche collaboration from back in the late 80's. Could have been a nice setup, but it was never fully sorted out after it was being flown. Porsche pulled out of the deal as soon as they could as the engines weren't even coming close to TBO, and the Planes were sold with a "gauranteed TBO" number. Porsche had to eat the rebuilds even though a good part of the problem was with the Mooney cowling and cooling layout. Left a bad taste in Mooney owners mouths. It could have been a lot faster if the cooling system had been properly sorted. The Mooney owners that bought the planes and Porsche got left with the repair bills.


There are several mentions of the 4 cylinder Porsche engines being used on light aircraft. Nothing that would fit the 160-200HP range though.


Seems like a possible option given that the Porsche engines could be set up to run at higher outputs for extended lengths of time, but there are lower cost options out there versus a 911 motor and re-drive. I'm still looking though.


I used to own a 914 that was HEAVILY modified. Had a completely different body kit on it, 911 Carrera transaxle that had been setup for mid-engine and up to 650HP, and a 400HP 355 CI Chevy engine in it. 944 Turbo brakes at all four corners, Troutman dual racing master cylinder, Weltmeister, Bilstein, you get the picture. 0-60 in about 3.8 and topped out around 175. Pulled over a GEE lateral. Unreal to drive!

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Are you guys talking about an automotive engine on an experimental aircraft or something else?


A Porsche may be great on the ground, but I really doubt its efficiency in a low RPM, prolonged run time. Just my $0.02 opinion.


All I know is that Lycoming has been in operation for a long time... :)



Remi Khu

Cozy Mk IV

Plan #1336

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In the early 1980's I was working in the old Gyrodyne Helicopter factory in St James NY.


At that time there was a pile (say 50 to 100) of brand new 911 engines in crates in a warehouse.


These were the aircraft version the engine intended for Gyrodynes drone helo's, that gave way to rocket launched torpedos.


What became of these engines I don't know...



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