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Washout - Twist in VariEze wing

Joe Hinkle

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The LEZ and Cozy identify the amout of Washout (twist) in the wing on the wing drawing ....

On the Cozy - Chapter 19 - page 10 ....


Drawing shows .6 degrees washin at the strake interface and 2.7 degress washout at the wing's tip.


If you have a drawing of the VariExe's wing - could you please share what Burt identified as those values.

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I have that document and have studied it.


It does not state the amount of washout.


The wing section has the following statement:


Tip Incidence, deg = -1.8


I take that as a measurement of the actual aircraft - not the design criteria.


If that is correct, then the VariEze had a washout of 1.8 degrees and the LEZ/Cozy has a washout of 3.3 degrees over it's wing span.


Does anyone know what the design criteria was?

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