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LONG EZ HR-ATQ Flying again!!


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On Nov 11 2006 I suffered a nose gear up landing. I was devasted when I saw the damaged and a little bit nervous since I was a non-builder. It took some time and effort, studying the plans, evaluating every recomendation, importing the building materials and just trying to get started!!! I'm happy to report that after a couple of weeks of working non-stop, my Long EZ is repaired and better than ever. I installed a new strut, new EZ-Noselift, AEX module, emergency power, and a beefed-up aluminum/poly nose plate to protect the front of the bird in an recurring and disgusting nosegear up landing. Before and after pictures tell the story......


I've never could have accomplished this task without the creative minds, dedication, infortmation and support of the members of this forum. My special thanks to Wallis R Glos Jr (RICK) for all his detailed drawings and brainstorming of "how to" for a fellow canardian non-builder. Thanks Rick!!!!After working with the materials and studying the plans, I totally respect and understand the passion/dedication to build and make these birds as unique and special to each one of us. I also have to say that I feel safer too. I was committed to make this negative incident into a positive experience and I'm very satisfied with the lesson and the final results....Once again, my respect and kind thankfulness to all of you who contributed to help a fellow member in need....



Afif Saybe

Long EZ HR-ATQ, Honduras





Afif Saybe


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Hello Afif, I am happy to hear you are back in the air, your airplane looks great. I will like to know if you can post a close picture of the aluminum piece that you installed under the nose, I´m planing to do something similar in my airplane, so it will be great if I can take a look of yours. It is good to know that there is a Long-EZ airplane near by. I´m building mine here in Costa Rica, so maybe we can meet some day.

Thanks and congratulations.:)


Mynor M B

Long EZ


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