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Help needed for a pre-purchase inspection


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Hi group,


can someone please give me some information on what to look out for when inspecting a DragonFly? Are there common pitfalls to look out for; maintainance issues that often are not dealt with; etc. ?


What are the usual telltales that should persuade one to pass on an offer. Any flight behavior that is common with badly built DF's? Any empty weight threshold that tells you this build is 'overdone'?


All help appreciated. The reason for my enquiry: I'll be inspecting a DF shortly, one that has been built in the US, and -hardly- been operated in Europe. The ship has only a few hours on it, which makes me rather weary. Why would an experimental that's been around for a few years only be flown for a couple of hours? Also, it has been on the market for more than a year and obviously no one so far touched it.






P.S. no, I'm not quitting my IBIS project, I'm just looking for a temporary solution to a commuting problem I currently have to deal with...


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I have flown my canard for eight years, and would caution that a low time experimental is not a commuter.


Until you have fixed every little bug, and retest every little fix, you need to fly on nice days, over roads, from one airport to the next.


Best wishes with your project.


George Graham

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I just purchasted a Quickie Q1 from a deceased estate three weeks ago, the aircraft last flew six years ago, all it needed was new fuel lines and its good to go.

I gave it a bit of run up and down the runway today and was very impressed with the ground handling, I had heard a alot of bad press about the quickies with them nosing over, I was running it on a rough bush strip, not only could I run the engine up to full power with the brakes on without the tail lifting I could also use full brake at about 40 kt without the tail lifting off the ground.


I hope to have it flying in a week or two I will keep you posted.

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