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    Purchased Dragonfly project in Utah listed on ebay
  1. I have been collecting information and files on both the Quickie and Dragonfly homebuilts at http://www.imageevent.com/qdf_files - Take a look, if you have anything I can add to the site please contact me through the online message box at the site.
  2. I've started collecting information on both the Dragonfly and the Quickie tandem winged canard homebuilts at http://www.imageevent.com/qdf_files - If you have anything I can add to the site please send me a message through the site. Thanks Chris
  3. I saw it a couple of weeks ago when I was in Utah, looked great. I was told that a fellow in Texas bought it, auction ended.
  4. Dragonfly for sale on ebay Item number: 2500163390 Auction ends Aug 12th. 2006
  5. The stay over roads is my plan for a very long time if I can get the dragonfly project I bought on ebay done. A proven power plant is a must for me, I like the Jabiru engines.
  6. You might try asking this question on the Yahoo Dragonfly group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Dragonflylist lots of members there who own this aircraft.
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