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  1. Hi Gang, another HANS is building an IBIS and he asked me to put some pics up on the web: http://ibis-project.experimentals.de/ cheers Hans
  2. Hi Group, the plans for my IBIS instrument panel have changed, which is why I put my King KLN90B panel mount GPS receiver up for sale. This is your chance to get a TSO'd GPS receiver at considerably reduced costs, check it out: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170308270915 cheers Hans
  3. Hi Group, what kind of laminate schedule is used for constructing Eze wheel fairings? cheers Hans
  4. Hi Group, this is the Coffee House, right? So I guess I am allowed to squeeze something non-canardian in.... Last weekend I had the pleasure to be safety pilot for one of my brothers. He had purchased an experimental in the UK and his new baby needed to be ferried to The Netherlands... I published a small write up on this aviation blog page. Enjoy Hans
  5. from afar, I would say that 'apparent' is the operative here... Whatever... Yeah, wait for the RETURN OF THE BROOM in a forum near you...
  6. Interesting to note is that the canard wing and retractable wheel mounts apparently are not part of the "structural parts", at least according to the product description......
  7. @ Marc: what you described is likely exactly what Moving Terrain did to create their new GPS-based backup EFIS: http://www.moving-terrain.de/lang-en/produkte/module/mt-efis-kuenstlicher-horizont.html Their statement that this device is not suitable for helicopters confirms that they need forward velocity to compute the derived values. @ EmTeOh: You're right about even DGPS signals having quite a bit of jitter in the signal, but modern adaptive digital filtering techniques can remove most if not almost all of that. I've done development work in exactly this area: removing noise from time series signals. cheers Hans
  8. ah, thank you for pointing this out Marc. I've seen other devices that rely on GPS data to be able to somehow derive a horizon-like device at all, now I understand why this is the case. Thanks again!
  9. There's that Silicon Valley company with a fruit in its name.... One of their latest offering obviously lets you run software that you can take with you in the blue wide yonder, check it out.... http://blog.experimentals.de/aviation/primary-flight-display-pfd-on-your-apple-iphone Obviously just a backup instrument, but still, I like the idea.... cheers Hans
  10. Now that would be something !
  11. Hi Edge, no, IBIS flyers aren't into this sort of thing. If I remember correctly, this 'habit' was developed by pilots flying WWII bombers that originated west of the Atlantic Ocean... If this is to your taste, you can find the complete picture I took some years back on: http://ibis.experimentals.de/aviationpicturegalleries/b53681498480cf36071.jpg The kinky lady was depicted on the rudder of a French registered Mignet HM-293 Flying Flea that was built by a fellow Dutchman. I appreciate the artwork - so I use it here and there, and your questions prove it works...! cheers Hans
  12. Hi Group, on July 18, 2008, another IBIS made its maiden flight. This time it was Michel Dupuy (based in Tarbes, where the TBM-700 turboprops are produced) who took F-PXPY through its paces. On the first three days Michel flew F-PXPY for almost three hours. Since then flying & testing proceeded swiftly, so that by now the initial restrictions should have been flown off. cheers, Hans
  13. Hi Gang, just a short notice that I have some progress to report about my IBIS main gear construction. Check out: http://ibis.experimentals.de/progress/landinggear/landinggear.html It's good to be back in the workshop! cheers Hans
  14. yes, 6-th order Chebyshev filters are nice... Input impedance is 50 Ohms, on both outputs the impedance is slightly higher (only 10% - caused by having to stick to standard value components), which causes only a minimal mismatch. One more note: this diplexer is for two receivers only, DON'T think about putting a transmitter on one end.... Today I'm going to put a rev. 1.1 on my site with warnings to that extent. Hans
  15. Hi Group, for my IBIS project I purchased a KN53 VOR/LOC/GS receiver. I didn't fancy installing two antennae (VOR/GS), so I need a device called a "diplexer". I didn't like the idea of $helling out some $100+ for a diplexer either, as this would be as expensive as an antenna would have been. That's why I rolled my own VOR/GS diplexer design. You can download the documentation on http://ibis.experimentals.de Just go to the download section and from there select 'documents' from the submenu. Scroll down the table of downloads and you'll find there. Enjoy! Hans

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