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Cockpit Finishing


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I would like to hear from anyone that has used something other than Zolatone to finish their cockpit. I tried some Plastikote fleckstone on a test part. After cure I brushed on a coat of MinWax clear satin polyurethane. I let this dry for several days and tried to scuff it up with several different tools to simulate normal wear and tear. It held up extremely well. Thinking about using this. Any opinions?



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Sounds like good idea. The only thing is you might want to make sure the minwax poly doesn't put off to much odor when the canopy is down on a hot summer day (it'll give you a heck of a headache) it also tends to get ummm like a little tacky if it gets to warm. It's not a sort of industrial grade Poly. Home use you know is a little more susceptible to that kinda thing.



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From emails that I've saved over the years, the two more popular choices to Zolatone are Stoneflake and Multispec.



John Epplin used Sherwin-Williams Multispec paint in Stonewall gray color. The local store person suggested a top coat of water borne satin varnish. He says it looks great. If you are looking for an interior finish he says it would be worth you time to visit your local Sherwin-Williams outlet, they should have the color samples. Recommended application is with HVLP or conventional spray equipment, do not use high pressure airless equipment. Do not stir or shake the product, instead pour it several times from container to container. Cleanup is with soap and water immediately after spraying.


John didn’t say anything about needing a clear coat, but I do know that Steve Beert used a clear coat.



Nick Ugolini used gray primer as a base coat, sprayed on the Stoneflake, then covered it with clear polyurethane coat.


Nick says that you really must use some type of clear coat over the Stoneflake. (It’s made for interior decorating, not airplanes.) If you don’t, it will look beautiful at first, but you will find that it will discolor easily (the sweat off his arm discolored the stoneflake on the consoles near the control arm and throttle). It peeled off (top of longerons) from getting in/out of the plane. He once spilled some 409 for cleaning the prop in the back seat area and the SF came off in a sheet. He now has a rug in the back seat.


By using the poly clear coat, it toughens the SF up. His hasn’t discolored in 300 hours. His only other comment was to get the supplier to put some flatteners (dulling agent) in the poly to take the shine out.

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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