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Practice layup question


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I'd order an extra yard of BID. Believe me, what you don't use now you'll use later. It really sucks when you're in the middle of a layup or mess up and you don't have any more glass laying around. The ASS kit I believe you can add an extra yard from the website if you go to the breakdown portion.


Tip - The "kits" have no discount for ordering it all at once. Get an extra gallon or two of epoxy if you can afford it now. You'll save on extra hasmat charges by ordering again later.

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There are 3 practice layups: a flat piece, a confidence piece, and a bookend. Glancing at the chapter, it looks like you'll need 2-3 yards of BID and 1 yard of UNI, but that's just a guess. You might be better off ordering a practice kit, but I don't know how that's setup.


If you've decided to build, just order a few extra yards of cloth and go for it!

Jon Matcho :busy:
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