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Strips vs Sheets of Fiberglass?


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Preface: This is not a criticism of Larry Wimbles constructions methods. Conversely, he is very meticilous.


I noticed when he built F-22 he used strips of fiberglass, overlapped by about 1", over the "skinn" pieces. Up until then I would have thought we needed a complet sheet of fiberglass cloth. His "strip" method seems a lot easier and uses less cloth.


Is this ok? Stronger or weaker?


What's everybody's opinion?



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I spent 15 minutes trying to find what the "strip" method was... and finally got it (I think). Looks like he's just saving some fiberglass, which is entirely fine. It probably cost him another 10 grams, but saved about $5.00 in fiberglass. His Web site is here for the curious.


For my F22, I spared no expense. ;)


Either way should be fine. I seem to recall cheating on the 45 degree orientation a bit so I could avoid a seam. Maybe my orientation is 39-40 degrees, but I don't think I'll fall out of the sky because of that.

Jon Matcho :busy:
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