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Firewall FWD Rotary?


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Is there enough interest for some one to pursue a fire wall forward Rotary application for commercial production, or reproduciton of 13b's? any thoughts, my Dad is toying with the idea at my prompting, he's retired and need something to do!!!!



#1052, Not started, Hope to, someday.

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What we could actually use is a firewal rearward solution.


I would suspect there would be interest in another manufacturer providing Rotary packages similar to what Eggenfellner is doing with Subaru engines. Tracy Crook custom builds packages to order. So far, every build is a one-off, even his (although I'm sure some are similar to one another). Many want a repeatable kit/model, that has a known history of applications. The Rotary does not have this.


Mistral is another vendor providing engines (and mounts?), and you might be able to call their product a complete package if it is shipping.


You also have to define "interest". I AM interested, but am not willing to put down a deposit until I (a) have my plane built, and (b) hear glowing success stories about other installations.


Check out Tracy Crook's site and ask the question on a Rotary mail list or forum.

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FWF by Tracy Crook. Already flying 13B and Renesis in an RV.

Actually, Tracy has very specifically stated that he is not interested in providing a FWF (or FWA) package. He provides certain high-tech components - Reduction Drive, ECU, EMU - and information, with which one may craft hir own solution.


OTOH, there is beginning to be a core of somewhat standardized components, from which a package can be assembled: Engine mounts from Conversion Concepts, GM ignition coils, engine wiring harness from Bob White, Davies-Craig water pumps, et al.


A couple more years, and one should be able to buy nearly everything needed from a "menu" of off-the-shelf components that are known to work together.


The absolute best place to keep up-to-date on these developments is the FlyRotary list:


Homepage: http://www.flyrotary.com/



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