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Bleeding Brakes

Brian DeFord

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Anyone have suggestions on the best way to bleed the brake system after intruding into it? I recently had to relocate my master cylinders and needed refill the fluid. I've tried to use the oil can method and pump the fluid from the brakes up to the reservoirs, but my oil can just can't push that fluid up hill like others say they can. I've tried a differnt oil can as well with the same result. So - I added fluid to the reservoirs and pumped the brakes with the bleeder valve open slightly. I let the fluid run into a can and when the reservoir was about dry I would refill it and keep pumping. I did this about 5 times, took the plane out for a "spin" around the tarmac and was dissapointed in the results. One side was OK - not as good as it should be and the other side was barely holding. So, any suggestions on how to get the air out of these lines?

Brian DeFord

Cozy MK-IV N309BD 'Blonde Streak'

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You've got to bleed from the bottom. I assume you did open the bleed valve 1 full turn or so. Look at my web site, theres a photo of the oil can that I use. I've never had a problem (Clevelands)




Look under Brake Bleed



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