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Long-Eze plans or project or flying wanted

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I found my project! Long-Eze with main wings, canard (orig), fuselage,strakes

gear (main and nose), canopy (2 one custom built other featherlight) inst panel started as well as flight controls all in final layup ready for assembly and finish. Still have to mount winglets and a lot of wiring, sanding, painting, rigging etc. My guess is 50 -65 % complete. Also found O-235 engine cowl (featherlite) as well as NACA duct, wheel pants assorted fairings and aluminum spinner. Full set of plans I & II (transnfering registration with RAF for CP notification) as well as backup plans section I, II. Planning on a O-235 Lyc or possibly a Franklin O-235 if it can be done! Thanks Norris!

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Thanks Waiter, first a trip to Afghanistan, then next year I will get crackin on it. Still gotta join EAA and CSA as it seems to be highly recommended by RAF for builders support. As you know if you have a registered build they will add you to the CP list and answer question for you when they can but they lean towards EAA and CSA for the hands on stuff. I will post some pics next week! Thanks again

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Hi All, I just got my EZ placed in deep storage for my trip to Afghanistan this winter. I thought I would do a mock up of some of my parts for some motivational pics while I am gone. Not shown is the winglets, wheel pants, belly brake and some various items I still have to finish and fit. As you can see I still have to fit the canard to the fuselage (the strap was because it was quite windy today and I did not want my canards first flight to be a belly flop in the storage yard. I think the workmanship is quite good but still need to QC all the dimensions and hardware as well as finish all. It was nice to get it mounted on the gear and temp mount the canaopy for the pics. I am motivated and a little sad I can't get to it for another year or so. Waiters web site keeps me motivated...that winter retrofit is quickly becoming one of the nicest EZ's I have seen. Nice job Waiter. I hope to swing by for a visit on the way to Oskosh in 2008! I have been researching the plans intently. Picked up another set on E-bay as the plans that came with it are a littled chewed up. The new plans have the registration form and are complete (I think the registration form is useless as far as RAF goes?!?) I am still working out the finishing between the wing and strake...best as I can tell it is just a non structural filler...I have seen people use foam and shape...is this acceptable? Anyway I was pretty excited to see it mocked up...and real happy my wife was excited as well...she even jumped in the GIB slot for a couple of pics. I will post some higher quality pics when I get this whole upload thing started...I was also going to start up a web page for the long as well as some pics of our OPS in Afghanistan (few of those as most ops are at night). I was thinking some of you guys might be interested to see what your 8 million in tax dollors gets you in a Blackhawk. I already have a terra digital navcom ILS/VOR/ etc, GEM engine monitor, digital oil P/T, digital tach, standby 2 1/4" AS / VSI / ALT and some other goodies. Will install 2 1/4" electric ADI and primary EFIS D-100 (that is nice, split screen etc all for $2500 and 7" display or $5000 with the engine monitor!) Will it all fit? I did a mock up and it is a tight squeeze but with the full $5000 package I can chunk 4 inst. I was thinking of a heated nose mounted pito as well since mild IFR will be a definite. I digress. Thanks for the support, any comments welcome. Waiter I would like to send you some detailed pics so you can give me a heads up on the overall project. Thanks guys. I will be in touch, Sully

PS It has the old canard...is the RONC canard a must as I read you can put vortilons on the old style for the moisture problem and how do you guys think I stand on the 51% rule?? I still need to do all electrical and flight control rigging as well as engine, finishing etc. Be safe.






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I am motivated and a little sad I can't get to it for another year or so.

Congrats! Keep the motivation or come back here (Canard Zone) for a boost.



Anyway I was pretty excited to see it mocked up...and real happy my wife was excited as well...she even jumped in the GIB slot for a couple of pics.

Sounds like a good start.


Thanks for your service and be careful out there.


Carlos Fernandez

AeroCanard FG #206

Carlos Fernandez

AeroCanard FG

Plans #206

Chp. 13


Sales & Support

GRT Avionics

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