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Brock Parts

John DiStefano

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If one chose to use all metal parts available from Brock, the cost would approach $5000 I am told. So far, I have not ordered parts from them,but probably will in the next few months.


Also, I hear that the quality and precision of Brock's parts is not that good. I guess since they have not competition, they just do not care. So, why is it that they have no competition. Let's just say there are 1000 sets of plans out there, some might never finish building right? So say 50% of these 1000 sets of plans buy 50% of Brock available products. 500 people buy $2500 worth of parts. What's that, about $10,000?...Just kidding :D ..Seriously that is alot of coin. I am sure my estimates are off, but still..


What do you all think>>

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I bought all Brock parts for my Cozy-3, and upgraded to the Roncz canard parts as well. I must say I found every single part to be extremely well made, great welding, excellent plating and what is more their service is first class - and that is from an Australian who has to put up with all the #$%^&* of customs and freight costs and uncertainties. Example: I ordered a couple of nose gear metal fittings last Monday morning and they were on UPS the same day with an invoice for me to pay - the freight cost being twice the parts cost - but at least the parts are now on the aircraft on the other side of the world.







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