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Split Hinge Opening Canopies

Carl P. Lindon

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On the Cozy Official website under the Virtual Fly-in link there is a photo of a Cozy which has a split canopy, each half hinged at the back (really quite fighter-esque cool :D ). It is actually the background plane in the third from bottom picture which was sent in by Bruce and Debbie Elkind of Hawthorne California. Weight and complexity issues aside, this canopy arrangement must improve access as entry can be made from both sides of the aircraft and the rear seat occupants seem to have an opening that is longer than their portion of a standard canopy. Has anybody on this forum done this mod, know someone who has or know the builder of the "background" plane and how to contact them. I'd like an opportunity to learn how this was done, trade-offs made and overall satisfaction with the arrangement. I think I would actually prefer each "half canopy" to hinge forward which would give more vertical clearace at the seat-back when entering and provide more in-flight safety with the airstream tending to keep the canopies closed if the latching mechanism(s) were to fail in-flight.


Comments, thoughts, recommendations please


Thanks and Cheers



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That's a Berkut, out of business here: www.berkutengineering.com


Several builders are implementing the Cosy Classic forward-opening canopy, for which you can get a chapter replacement from Uli Wolter in Germany. The popular mod seems to be to forward-hinge the front portion, and then have a standard hinge in the back.


Criticism of the rear-hinge is as you suspect -- that the whole thing could get ripped off in-flight.

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I just received a berkut canopy for my modified ez project today. The workmanship is superior, hats off to Todd's canopies for their fine work. I received it in one piece which fufills my option of making it a 60/40 or 50/50 split. I opted for the smoke grey tint, always helpful in the bright sun. I too search for the berkut canopy hinges, some have to be floating around out there..perhaps sitting on the shelf of someone whom went in another direction?;) ;) If anyone has a line of these, I would appreciate a nod!!!:D

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