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Fiberglass tubes (John, you awake?)


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I was looking through Johns site a few days ago and found some info on making fiberglass tubes using PVC, sandblasting sand, an innertube and a live chicken...


At least I think it was a live chicken...


I can't find it now, anyone have any info/details on this method? Does it work well for tubes curved in 3 dimensions?


BTW, John, sounds like you had an exciting weekend!

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Originally posted by John Slade

Live Chicken???

How do you fiberglass a live chicken?

Wouldn't that be cruel?


Sorry it's an inside/voodoo/tech support joke. I work in tech support for software, once I overheard a colleage say to a customer:


"OK, you're going to need a live chicken. Cut off it's head and spray your computer case and keyboard liberally with it's blood. The keyboard is the key-demons spirits sometimes stick underneath the 'W' key. When that is done, reboot the computer and it will be fine."

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OK, totally off subject, but since we're talking tech support, let me tell you about the teacher (a family friend) who bought a new Apple II. Seems she got the last one off the production line and she couldn't find software to run on it, because no-one was designing for the Apple II any more.


She called Apple and explained her problem. The answer she got [i swear]


"you're a teacher. Think of this as a learning experience".



I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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