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  1. That's funny. I just spent my weekend doing that exact thing. Although, to keep my cars in the garage, I decided to raise my table while I'm not working to the ceiling with a set of pulleys. Turns out, the 12 foot size was a little heavy to pull up, so I loped off 4 feet. Now I have a 4 foot table that folds up next to the wall, and an 8 foot table suspended from the ceiling! Weird weekend... I won't be able to fill you in on how well it works, for a while anyway.
  2. The video he sent me only has the yellow Long EZ with the retracts... does he have a video with Cozy's now? The video I have also shows a drop test of the Long with the fuel tanks fulll of water (heavier than fuel). Its not a very high drop, but you can tell its heavy and it bottoms out the gear travel. Looks stout to me. But as I and others have said before, the price you pay and what you get (two arms?) seems to be a broad spread. I may try to sneek a set home by not letting the little woman see this year's Summer bonus. Then again I may just be calling featherlight...
  3. I agree... the food wasn't that great and the seating was a little tight. It sounds like more fun to hang out on the grounds around the aircraft.
  4. The collection of all knowledge is a noble yet futile quest. I submit that the true value of this forum is not as just another repository of information on canard aircraft, but a support group for those who face the daily challenges of a difficult task... yes, for lack of a more profound description, a "chat room." A place where builders can communicate with other builders and receive up to date information and encouragement. As for simplifying the task of research... anyone without the dedication to seek out all available information regardless of source will and should fail. Its beneficial to the homebuilt aircraft community that only motivated hard-working individuals take to the skies as our ambassadors.
  5. I don't get to go to Sun N Fun after all... But RR sounds like it will have more of what I want to see anyway! Plus, its a shorter, more scenic drive... 70 canards? There were only 10-15 that I saw last year at EAA Oshkosh. Nice.
  6. Hey Wayne... How wide did you make your table so you could assemble the fuselage upside down on it? I like the idea of using solid core doors for a table top but I can't find ones wide enough. I guess I'll need to bond a couple together...
  7. Does this mean we need to start discussing T-shirt slogans again?!?!?
  8. Hmmm... Anyone get the feeling their favorite local pub has just turned into a Johnny Rockets? I must be turning into an ol' fart cause I'm resisting change in everything I do. I'll just keep telling myself "change is good" and give it a chance.
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about these things in the middle of the night! The Audi and BMW also have the compact hinges that don't intrude on the luggage space. The gas cylinder springs are also set to hold the trunk open, or hold it closed. For the Locking mechanism, I'll look for a mid 90's BMW convertible in a wrecking yard. Those cars had a hoop on the edge of the top that you would grab to pull close the top the last few inches. After pulling it down, you would twist it about 45 degrees and two metal hooks would curl around the latching pins in the windsheild header locking the roof closed. Once you locked the roof with a twist of the hoop, the hoop would fold flush out of the way against the roof. I'm looking at front seat forward hinged canopy with rear seat gull wing canopy and a permanent rigid hoop in between. See what you can think of when you hadn't started building yet!
  10. Just to add a little to what John said... the Cosmo is a car made by Mazda for the Japanese market. It was never imported to the United States because Mazda didn't believe it could sell a $50,000 car here. The engines were serious though. 2 or 3 rotor designs, turbo or twin turbo... and these were produced after the Rx7 stopped shipping to the states. Japanese emission requirements are so strict, that after 30,000 miles, many car owners choose to replace the engine with a new one rather than pay a mechanic the time it takes to replace all of the expired components on the "old" engine. Performance tuning shops will bring these "old" engines to the US and sell them to tuners who want to give their cars a bump in performance. That odd looking Rx7 you see going down the street may in fact have a 500hp 3 rotor twin turbo engine. There are enough engines being brought into the US (not just rotaries) that it is possible to get a good low mileage rotary engine that is only 2-3 years old. But now there's the Rx8 and the new Renisis engine that is here this year... hmmmm.
  11. These are Kevin Funk's pods. I'm almost certain he said he made his.
  12. uh... hmmm... maybe the obvious answer would be don't keep them in the shop.
  13. Okay... somehow that was the first line I read of this post. I started to wonder if you were getting a little personal there, until I realized I didn't have the entire post displayed! A potty mind is a terrible thing to waste... All in fun though. Build on!
  14. Wow! Did THAT come WAYYYYY out of left field! I didn't gather that John's statement was directed at you at all. In fact, John only chided me about the CIII crash speculation... so try not to feel paranoid! On a completely separate subject... I think JD was beemed up in flight by aliens who thought his music could be the secret weapon to destroy them and repel their planned attacks after watching intercepted HBO satellite broadcasts of the movie "Invaders from Mars."

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