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  1. Hello, I live down near Chris and have an Aerocanard Fast build kit. Why exactly are you building an Aerocanard when you already have the Velo 1/2 done? Nathan,
  2. I'm looking for the Jack Whilemson nose lift or the Infinity main gear retracts. I plan on installing them into my Cozy project and am curious if anyone is thinking about selling theirs. Drop me a line if your know of a willing seller. 713-922-8423 Nathan
  3. I was wonder what type of weight reduction there is when you sand blast? I've thought of doing the same and was curious as to the amount of resin that is removed.
  4. Yes, You are right, about the terminology. I just didn't want to stump a newbie. But now that you've added to the conversation it will be that extra bit of information. I'm still in Newfoundland and have no heavy books with me, it was all frontal lobe. The site looks good, I have some books at the house about using Carbon fiber for your intake system as well. There are several documentated attempts. I'm surprissed more folks aren't using it. Nathan,
  5. Disclaimer--Some of you may already know your heat trasfer -- I attempted to make this user friendly. It should be fairly accurate, but at the same time if someone has a PHD in thermodynamics or heat transfer cut me some slack. A little advice about the turbo and your glass. Heat moves in 3 ways. Light----Sunburns Fluid----Boiled water and forced heating (water and air are both considered liquids) Solid----Hot concrete Light---When you put your shield on your turbo, paint the visible side flat white. This will help limit the “radiation” of heat from the heat shield to the cowl. Basically the heat via light is emitted from your turbo. It travels from the turbo to the next barrier “heat shield”. Depending on the color of the barrier the heat will either bounce back, or it will be retransmitted. This is why your heat shield is probably aluminum; it’s good at bouncing the heat back. If you can polish the turbo side of the shield it will bounce heat a little better. If room allows you may want to apply an moderate angle so it doesn't bounce directly back to your turbo. The only bad side is that heat doesn’t just disappear it has to go somewhere. Shite in = Shite out To help further limit the light heat that is hitting the inside of your cowling try using aluminum tape. Apply this securely to the area that is melting. Leave it shiny. This why you’ll need to work on the second type of heat transfer “fluid” Fluid--You are already working on this one, air is a fluid the quicker you move it across the turbo the better off you are. If you can increase the flow across the turbo in anyway this would dramatically decrease the amount of stagnant heat in the air collecting between the turbo and the Cowling interior. Air has the ability or capacity to remove or take the heat from your turbo. This is heat capacity, the more air you can move across the turbo the better off your cowling is. As you move air across a heated surface i.e. turbo it begins to remove the heat that was stored in the turbo. Now depending on fresh the air and how hot the day the air’s heat capacity may already be half way to it’s max capacity. As the air moves across the turbo it will remove the heat until it’s saturated . There are graphs to help further explain this. It is not a linear process. As mentioned before shite in = shite out. The heat is now in the air i.e. fluid. Assuming you have maximized the heat capacity of the air you will now want to get rid of it. Solid—This one is easy if your cowl is making contact with the turbo is melts, common sense but decided to add it anyhow.
  6. Funny enough but I'm up in Newfoundland right now. It's been snowing away. My project is staying nice and warm in my garage. I'll have to take you up on your offer to visit your mini hanger when I get back. Who is David Swain? Is he building?
  7. The class did give me a sense of security, but it also failed to quench my thirst for an more advanced info. The instructor was very professional but was a kit builder, I think that the plans guys have a greater level of knowledge. She did a good job though. When we did our canard sections, she told the class they could use whatever fiberglass they wanted, she also failed to discuss how to correctly cut or overly certain types of fiberglass. Me and the other Cozy guys teamed up and made sure we did it old school. I used the plastic method on mine. It's interested the plans that they have calls for kevlar on the leading edge.
  8. I had already done some comparisons on using the plastic and had become familiar with the the sandwich method. I went to the EAA composites course and ended up teaching the method to the instructor. She had never seen anything like that. By the time I was rocking along I had attracted the attention of a few of the class folk. Two of the guys already had there Cozy plans but hadn't started building yet.
  9. I'm a mechanical engineer I work for one of the various oil companies in Houston, TX. I where many hats at my job, but this week I'm managing the completion of all customer generated actions or the resolution of perceived faults or misunderstanding of our equipment. Primarily it is all subsea equipment i.e jumper cables, rov connections, trees, sdu etc.... Next week I go to Newfoundland for a month or two. I will be continuing my efforts and will be putting on a different hat again. Regards, Nathan
  10. Hey Aaron, I left you a message in your box, email when you get a chance. Nathan,
  11. You can email me what you have. I would be interested in picking up your supplies. I don't need the plans though.
  12. Kevin Drybread, had worked with the swings in creating a retract kit for the LEZ. I believe Scott Swing had worked with him on it. Unfortunately he died via a canard departure before he could start selling them. He was very well known among the Long Jocks and was the Jedi master of Berkut and Long manufacturing. The website is still up, but from what I understand his wife sold the rights to somemone. I don't know who? If you contact Scott Swing he might be able to tell you. Or try contacting the widow, she will obviously know. http://www.geocities.com/ezrg/ I've always found JD's to be a little overly defensive. John you might want to offer some website services in trade for a pair of retracts. I think that if was a little more toned down and refined he would sell more. Then again in the world of Cozy, Unauthorized Vendor = Satan. I think that he offers a good product but the pricing is a little heafty. It would be best if he could offer plans or a generic kit, that way he could expand his market share and bring in more buisness. I did order his promo kit, it was a little hokey but it was also informative at the same time. I always had the same question of where did all the retract kits go? I can only think of a handful of flying retract Cozy's.
  13. Rick, You did a great job on the content for your website. When I can't seem to find specific information your site always seems to have a picture of my problem and text describing how you resolved the issue. Keep up the good work. Nathan,
  14. Thanks guys, I appreciate the info. Right now its sitting on saw horses right now and it's a paint to get in there. Rick yours seems to be the most complete with little to no modification to the tub. When did you end up finally removing the rotiseri?
  15. Hello, I was wondering if someone knows the location or information for the Rotisere stand. Are there any plans or do I wing it. I've tried checking the achives but can't seem to locate the correct name for the "spinny" thing. I was looking to make one. Thanks, Nathan

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