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MT record and metamorphasis


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We have a forum record, 180 posts and PLANS purchased, he he he and also has anyone else noticed the minor change in the posts from MT prepurchase and post purchase????


Ebjoy the build

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Hey... before you get too carried away at my expense thinking I've changed my ways... I'm still thinking about widening this sucker by 6 inches, and the new 220HP Honda outboard boat engine is looking pretty good to me! Now if I can just figure out how to build retractable pontoons...

This ain't rocket surgery!

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Hey MT,


I have been wondering about those outboard engines for some time now. They are really worked up, and are available at good prices.


By the way, I'v already worked out the amphibious aspects. ladder foils... yep, ladder foils. Floats are too ugly, man.





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Actually I played around with a few ideas... everything from twin motorcycle engines running twin ducted fans at 9000 RPM (no PSRU!) to going wider with the fuselage.


The ideas that I am still seriously considering:

Making the fuselage 4" or 6" wider

Glass cockpit with 2 removable displays/laptops instead of guages

Infinity Retractable rear gear

13B or 20B Rotary engine (@#%@#$!!! I didn't have the money in time to buy Greg Richter's rotary engine)

Air Conditioning / Defog (Thanks to John Slade for making me a believer!)


Discarded ideas:

VTOL - (we were promised flying cars by now!) - after I get the Cozy built I think I'll just build a single seat helicopter kit for those hairy traffic days on my 164 mile commute.

Ducted Fans - maximum speed seems to be 200mph. I would prefer a little higher speed. I'm watching Greg Richters progress with his new turbine engine and airframe reinforcements. He thinks he can safely get up well over 300mph like the Berkut. I think I can comfortably get up to 240-250mph with retracts, 240HP, and clean wheel well sealing. We'll see.

Six Seater - you never know when you may want to have more children. How big would THAT canard have to be?!?!?!


In the mean time I'm dealing with less difficult questions, like what type of Epoxy to use and how much is it going to cost me to get someone to bulldoze all the junk out of my garage?


But then I see something like this and go... hmmm... I wonder.


This ain't rocket surgery!

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Turbojets, nice! Brave person who go's full chat in one of those.

I was speaking to a chap who's mad for pulse jets, reckons he's going to build cheap cruise missiles for the NZ air force.

Very cheap to manufacture, very light, no moving parts, and the same fuel guzzling capabilities as a turbojet.


I've just seen a V10 Volkswagen Turbo Diesel, and i'm wondering how I'm going to get it to fit.

The Coconut King

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