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The John Denver story

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I've heard and read lots of different accounts of John Denver's accident, but none written by someone so close to the situation.


This interesting and informed account of the whole story is written by the guy who shared a hanger with the fated plane, and who gave John Denver his checkout a few days before the accident.


Take a look at http://www.ecobb.net/triple_nickel.htm

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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It's strange, almost everyone I've told about building a plane, in particular this type of plane, mentions Denver. do you guys get the same reactions>


In skydiving we call the unenlightened masses "Whuffo's", because they usually ask "Whuffo you jump out o' dem planes?". Is there a similar term when talking about experimental aviation? Personally I get asked "Whuffo you want to build an airplane?" quite often.

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You need to move out here in the country... most people around here think they are just Cessnas flying in reverse. (How'd they do that?... why aint it beepin'?)


Sad about JD though. I remember hearing about one theory that referred to a possible suicide intention. What was the final NTSB conclusion?

This ain't rocket surgery!

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Originally posted by marbleturtle

What was the final NTSB conclusion?



the pilot's diversion of attention from the operation of the airplane and his inadvertent application of right rudder that resulted in the loss of airplane control while attempting to manipulate the fuel selector handle. Also, the Board determined that the pilot's inadequate preflight planning and preparation, specifically his failure to refuel the airplane, was causal. The Board determined that the builder's decision to locate the unmarked fuel selector handle in a hard-to-access position, unmarked fuel quantity sight gauges, inadequate transition training by the pilot, and his lack of total experience in this type of airplane were factors in the accident.

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