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  2. The TERF CD has all the drawings for the CP that I know of. It also has the Roncz, flush bellhorns, large rudder and speed brake plans.
  3. Thanks for your help. Doing all the research before I start Chapter 4 next month.
  4. Thanks. Assuming the center of mass is at 101 and a 20 +/- lb. battery is at FS 9 and it moves forward 6" or so to FS 3, then that is an additional 120 lbin of moment to counteract the engine. I estimate the engine is at FS 143 or so. This will counteract about 3 lbs of engine weight which is not enough. Is this correct? I guessestimate that my engine will weigh about 320lb total and the original engine weight for a O-235 is about 252 lb. So I need to make up about 70 lb which is about 2940 lbin of moment which is about 30 lb at FS 3. If so, I need to get my engine weight down and make sure I don't get to have too much. Otherwise, it sounds like I will be adding alot of ballast. Does everything sound right on my calcs?
  5. I downloaded the long nose cad drawings at ez.org which I believe is the same one that is talked about here. Does this long nose add 3" or 6" to the length of the airplane? I haven't done the weight and balance however I heard that this will balance a o-360 or a similar weighted engine without ballast. Is this correct? I am planning on using a subaru ej22t however I haven't found a good weight on this engine yet. I assume it is o-360 or slightly more due to liquid cooled & PSRU.
  6. Checked the Varieze Section VEZVI.pdf and sure enough, it is there. Thanks for your help Raiki.
  7. I have the TERF CD, Open-EZ drawings, and some other peoples modifications info but do not see the Section VI for the landing brake. Anyone have a electronic copy of this section for the OpenEZ project?
  8. Well, if I can give a good Varieze, then I would like to know that I can get templates since some planes are sold without plans.
  9. Great site. I appreciate the work that people have done to get the templates for this great aircraft. I believe many people were willing to build but limited plans with templates available. Does anyone have Varieze templates online?
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