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Long EZ foam in 2024


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So...Here is what I could gather from A-C Spruce that is available about the foam requirements vs availability for the Long-EZ:

STRAKES, SKINS, FUSELAGE, +:        Divinycell PVC H45 avail. only in .375" (not .35"), 0.750" (not 0.8") and 1.750" (not 1.6") thicknesses

CENTER SPAR:                                    Divinicell PVC H100 avail.  in 0.250" thickness as per plans.

BULKHEADS:                                Last-a-foam 18#/ft^3 ( polyurethane) in place of R250, avail. in 0.200" thickness as per plans.

CENTER SPAR, CANOPY RAIL,+othr: Polyurethane foam 2#/ft^3 in place of urethane, avail. in 1" thickness as per plans.

NOSE, CANOPY, LE STRAKE, +othr: Polyurethane foam 2#/ft^3 in place of urethane, avail. in 2" thickness as per plans.

Is the difference in thicknesses for the H45 going to be an issue? Could the 0.8" required for sides be replaced with a 1" thick? Or the 3/4" would do?

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I would not use polyurethane foam in place of PVC foam. Buying these materials from Aircraft Spruce ist extremely expensive by the way. There are other suppliers that offer the same materials for a fraction of the price. You can also get H250

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I got mine from a local boating supplier (they use Divinycell for building yachts). You can also call Divinycell directly and request a quote. They were a bit expensive because they charge repackaging fees if you buy fewer sheets instead of a whole pack - Aircraft Spruce was still more than twice as expensive

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4 hours ago, Aclouston said:

I did not see H250 on their site. Do you know where I can get it? I saw a few manuf. and large distributers but they don't appear to sell direct.

using the search function here, there are three post about H-250   https://www.canardzone.com/search/?q=h-250&quick=1

 Another good way to search is in Google, use terminology "site:canardzone.com  [words]"

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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