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Hi, I'm new to the forum, and to the Cozy...

Have a couple of questions, if anyone is able to help, would be greatly appreciated. 

1. I fly in the tropics mainly and typically at +80% humidity and 100F most of the time. Typical mission is 400-600NM. Was wondering if that was comfortable in a COzy Mark IV?

2. What is typical cruise/fuel burn at 50% power @8,000ft (or anything I can base trip times on).

Thanks to anyone who is able to provide insights. 

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I typically fly at about 150 KTAS at 7.5-8 gph, usually 12,000 MSL or higher if weather permits.  400-600 miles is quite doable.

Consider also that at 100F the airplane needs longish >4000' hard surface runways.  It is not a great IMC instrument airplane IMO but OK with an autopilot, I suppose.  Mine leaks water in in the rain and I slow down to prevent prop damage to my wood prop.  I would not like to fly it in heavy cumulus as you might encounter in the tropics but I would feel that way about any small airplane.  If I had to land on a dirt strip or a runway less than 2000', I would consider that dicey.  I might not be able to take off again.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Kent, Thank you for you reply. It's a great help and I'm truly appreciate the information.

Long, paved runways common here. I chose Cozy for modern avionics (IMC prefered). Typical mission: 480nm, 1-2 pax (330lbs total) + 100lbs baggage & 3.5Hrs fuel on 200Hp Lycoming io-360, with fixed Cato 3 blade. 

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