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Things required by the FAA for IFR flight

A Bruce Hughes

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I will not fly IFR but am curious.   I have two buddies that are far more experienced (and have their own aircraft).

I have an ADS-B, airspeed, altimeter, autopilot (Trio), carbon monoxide sensor, chromometer, compass, cylinder temperature, ELT, exhaust temperature, Fuel gauge, fuel pressure, GPS (Garmin), oil pressure, oil temperature, position lights, radio (ICOM), strobe light, tachometer and volt/ammeter.     Of course, I have a proper seat belt, alternator, and batteries.   Mostly I have circuit breakers with 19 fuses besides.   I have a 9" IPAD.   There is a key to allow the starter to function.  I have one electronic ignition and one magneto. an onal gyroscope, or slip/skid instrument.   

I have an electric speed brake and electric nose gear system (Wilhelmson).     I do not have an artificial horizon, attitude indicator, directional gyro, manifold pressure indicator, or slip/skid indicator.

So what is really required for IFR ?   There is not any space in a Longeze to put them either.

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2 hours ago, A Bruce Hughes said:

I will not fly IFR but am curious... So what is really required for IFR ? There is not any space in a Longeze to put them either.

Did you read 14 CFR Part 91.205? It states very clearly what's required. There is, of course, more than enough room in a Long-EZ panel to equip one for legal instrument flight - it's been done a zillion times. A couple of G5's and an IFR navigator (or Narco NAV-122, or the equivalent) more than meets the requirements. With a transponder, ADS-B and a radio, of course. Now, if you want to do it with steam gauges, it's harder, but that's also been done many times. Don't know why you think it's not possible, as there are existence proofs of it.

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