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Uh oh! Long-EZ down in the mountains.

Bryan Dover

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Monday, November 28th 2022

MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah (KUTV) A pilot "miraculously walked away" unharmed after his small aircraft crashed in the Morgan County mountains in Utah, authorities said.

The walk turned into a miles-long journey, as he tried to find mobile service in the wilderness near Durst Mountain.

The crash happened Sunday during the afternoon hours in an area east of Mountain Green, according to a statement posted to the Mountain Green Fire Protection District's social media. Crews were only able to access the crash site using ATV trails.

They didn't receive the pilot's 911 call immediately, though. The man reportedly hiked six miles before he found a signal, according to authorities.

Mountain Green fire and emergency medical service crews, along with deputies from the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, found the crash site later in the evening after Weber County 911 was able to triangulate the location. Photos from the scene show fire crews and law enforcement around the wreckage of what appears to be a very small, single-person aircraft equipped with winglets.

Authorities disabled the plane's battery and attended to a fuel leak. Authorities didn't say if there is a known cause of the crash.

The pilot didn't report any injuries, the department said.

It's unknown if the pilot is a local man or if he was flying through the area when the aircraft crashed.




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  • Jon Matcho changed the title to Uh oh! Long-EZ down in the mountains.

It's incredible that the pilot suffered NO injuries AND walked 6 miles to get a cell signal.

From the fire district's Facebook page:


(Tom Simko) This aircraft is the LAST one I'd want to land off airport, it's a "go fast", small tires etc. It stalls above 60 MPH, unlike my own plane with huge tires and a very low stall speed. The general non flying public may think this is "a miracle" but for the local mountain flying community, we think it shows how skilled the pilot was. I also really like how he handled the entire situation after the landing, no press or TV interviews, exactly the way I have done it in the past.

I would agree. 

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