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I wonder if anyone has the weights at the wheels, that they are willing to share,  of a Q200 in the flying orientation (i.e. with the tailwheel elevated)?  I’d also need to know which engine, fuel load, pilot & passenger or none, etc

I’m just trying to build a spreadsheet to investigate the effect on C of G of moving certain items in the aircraft.



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All of this info and more, including the people who post it and understand it are here:


I think I remember that it's between 15# and 20# on the tailwheel, loaded for flight, with the fuselage level.

Very purposefully, this number will change very little with high or low fuel and passenger or no passenger.

The well documented engine mounts for the various engines take care of the different engine's Cs-of-G. I've seen/heard of Jabirus needing 12" longer cowls because the engine had to get pushed soo far forward. Makes for a very different looking machine in my opinion.

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Thank you for the info.  I’ve been collecting data from wherever I can to build as broad a basis for me decisions etc.  I’m planning on using the Rotax 912 engine which is about 40lbs lighter than the O-200. I’m also planning to either not have the header tank or use it as a gravity feed Aux tank to the main.  Either way that another 50lb .  Both are forward of the CofG.

My goal with the spreadsheet is just to be able to ‘what if’ various scenarios of moving things around, but having real accurate numbers to start with always helps.


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