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Looking for a X-country EZ


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Hi All,

I’m just starting to look into purchasing a Long EZ. I plan on using it to travel between Seattle, Napa, and Minnesota, so cabin heat and an autopilot will be high on the list of priorities. 

I’ve owned a couple aircraft over the years (C150, Grumman Yankee), but I’m new to the experimental side of GA. I figured this forum/community is a good place to get started in my search for the right aircraft. 

I’d appreciate any advice on what to look for in purchasing a suitable x-country EZ, and where I should be looking. 

Thank you in advance for your help.


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JD I know a few canard guys in the Olympia airport area so I can introduce you to them; I think they will have some useful comments.   I do not claim to be any kind of aviation expert.   I was a passenger with one of them coming back from Tennessee where he bought his Longeze.   I also know a retired pilot that has all of the structural parts for a Longeze; you could build your own if you want to take SEVERAL years doing that.   I will not publish names on is website so you can call me at 808-633-4234.   Call at a decent hour as that is a Maui telephone; we are 2 hours from Pacific time.  Then I can give you my email address.   

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