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Info needed re: TERF

eric r

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I dug out my TERF CD'S and am in the process of some mods, etc. Question is;

Where do I find the "A" pages referred to regarding actual dimensions of bulkheads, parts, etc? Simple measurements will do.

I am putting long eze type gear attachments on a vari, and building new NG30's for electric nose install.

My original NG30 is a little too short to allow clearance for the motor without modifications of F-22. In any case, I intend to beef up both NG30 and F-22 for the purpose of using the ez lift to lift loaded from the ground.

As for the gear, I have the new main gear bow, the new nose strut, all available upgraded bearings, hardware, etc for the build. If I can get the main gear mount plates from CZY-GRLS, I'll gladly support their efforts. if not they are easy enough to mfg.

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Maybe you are asking where the drawings are in the TERF CD?  As I understand it, they are not.  Try this post which has a file of the drawings. 


You should probably start at the top of the Open-ez topic and read all the posts.   There were many questions about the accuracy and how the accuracy- checking marks were labeled  on the drawings but in the end the drawings are accurate.  I used them to build one.  The original drawings are dated however.  Some of the foams have changed and there were updates over the years.  I believe those are covered in the Open-ez discussion topic.

Edited by Kent Ashton

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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