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Berkut Kits for Sale?


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Hello everyone!

I'm just getting started on research to build my next experimental aircraft.   I'm looking at both the Berkut and Long-EZ (Open-EZ) airframes.

Is anyone aware of a Berkut Kit for sale?    

Reading through the forum...it sounds like it can be tough finding a complete kit, and one has to scrounge quite a bit to locate parts to complete the kit.



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While I cannot answer you question, I can say hello and welcome to the show!

Just starting an Open EZ myself, and from what I am finding so far, "scrounge" will become a daily word to you with either plane.  As long as "can't" doesn't become one, no reason you won't have what you want.  Good luck!

Tim W.

Selling RV-8 empanage kit.  Gearing up for Open EZ build.  The struggle is real.

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Thanks Tim!   I was just in Grand Rapids a few days ago.   I used GRT avionics in my GlaStar....great stuff.

I'm researching the insurance costs of Long-EZ -vs- Berkut.   Berkut costs are steering me towards an Open-EZ.   But not a final decision yet.

Perseverance is the key to any build project for sure.   


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On 12/31/2023 at 2:20 PM, mitch said:

Hello, my friend was going to build a Berkut but passed  away. Any interest still? Located near ft.worth TX.

I've never been on this forum, not a pilot.


I have suddenly taken an interest in the Berkut. Curious what your friend has accumulated so far?

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