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Cost of CI by A&P for long ez

Dave Harvey

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13 hours ago, Dave Harvey said:

What are non builders paying A&Ps for a Long EZ CI?

I charge (this year) $1100 for a CI on a simple (non-retract mains) canard aircraft - that covers the first 11 hours of work. Owner assistance is welcome. Generally takes 1 - 2 days. I know other A&P's that charge $150 (who aren't their brother-in-law). I tell people that I can't spit at their plane for $150, and if all they want is a signature in a logbook, go for it. I actually inspect (it's right there in the title - CI) their aircraft. I do about 30 CI's/year, and my customers are happy with my work. Although I suppose if someone's willing to get a $150 CI, they're probably happy with it as well.

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