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Heating the workshop


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I recently removed the heated insulated shop that I had in my hangar for more than 10 years. The remaining Glass & Paint work on my Cozy will not require it.

What is your plan for a shop? Mine was one of those Steel Tube & Plastic Tarp temporary garages, insulated with two layers of Aluminized Bubble-wrap (R5) insulation. Heat Lamps are far more efficient than electric room heaters, and have no fumes like propane catalytic heaters. I used 1x Furring strips of wood to attach the bubble-wrap to, and sealed it with Duct Tape (lots of it), and I used 2x4s to make a door frame. Then I hung a regular interior door for an entry. This worked very well, and cost somewhat more than $500 total. The whole thing was in the back of my T-hangar, with plenty of room for my completed VariEze besides.

I still have Half of one of these Tube & Tarp temp buildings in my hangar, insulated with 1-1/2 " white styrofoam insulation (much better.) This is an office space with a small bench for doing limited fiberglass jobs. It has Fluorescent lighting and a Heat Lamp hung from the ceiling.

Hangars at Longmont are inspected at least once every year by the Fire Marshall (has his own keys) and for more than fifteen years there have been no concerns about these structures in my hangar. The price has gone up a little over the years; when we bought the first of Four of these that we have had, they were only about $165:


When we had one of these outdoors in our backyard, where I started our first Cozy project in 1999, I put a very large additional, heavy tarp over the top of it, And I tied that down with over 300 feet of rope and 24 large (18") stakes. This allowed it to survive heavy snow falls and 60 MPH winds, for four years.

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