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Long Ez Tire wear, typical


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My mains have worn so no tread depth left and I will soon be replacing.  With an O-320 LEZ empty weight of 1,000 lbs, I've managed about 210 landings from my Airtrac, 6 ply, 5.00x5 tires. For the majority of that time I had a toe-out mis-alignment in one of the tires, but that has been corrected since the last 40 or so landings. (I rotated the mis-aligned tire once.) With proper alignment, I would expect to get more service life, but I did manage thirty five cents per landing per tire. So did I get fair to good use out of these tires? Has anybody used the Desser Tires AWBS 500x5, 6 ply re-treads?

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Ok, Thanks Marc. So, while I didn't have any dis-satisfaction with the AirTracs, I decided to try the less expensive Desser AWBS, 6 ply retreads. A few less 1/32nds of tread and the 6 vs 10 ply tires will result in a lighter tire.  They were $63 with free shipping, but will take a while to ship until they do their next run of re-treads.

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