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Cozy Project for Sale - Nose Gear parts

Steve Innova

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Sadly, I have decided to part out my aircraft project in favor of my sailing and boat restoration hobby.  I have almost all of the brock parts, hardware, and CNC’d wing cores need to complete the project, at a fairly substantial discount.  I’m listing these parts across a couple categories for better visibility. Watch this page though, I have finished cataloguing everything yet, so there will be more to come soon -- including Infinity retracts. 


Process & Payment:

  • I’m pricing most items 25-50% off.  First one to send me a paypal payment gets it. If it’s not selling, I’ll take the highest bidder or put it on ebay (I’ll post a link so that you guys have first shot at those auctions).
  • Payment. Prefer paypal. If you’re buying more than $500 worth, I’m going to ask for a deposit on paypal and the balance by check, bc fees really start to eat that up. Any questions though, just hit me up and we’ll work something out.
  • Most of these items are unused, if otherwise I’ll indicate in the listing.  (I’m also posting the links to the items on AC Spruce or elsewhere so you can get a sense of whether this is a good deal or not.)


Nose Gear Pivot Assembly (MKNG6A):  $200

(40% discount http://eznoselift.com/index.php/price-list)


Steel Support Foot: ~50

(approx 50% discount. Some of the black paint has chipped, but otherwise unused) http://eznoselift.com/index.php/price-list


Castering Nose Wheel Assembly (MKNG15 and MKNG16): $250

(40% discount off http://eznoselift.com/index.php/price-list


4” Wheel Hub (WH4A) +  TR100-018 10x3.5 x 4 ply McCreary Tire size: 10" x 2-1/2" + inner tube: $200

(approx 50% discount, http://aircraftproducts.wicksaircraft.com/item/all-categories/mccreary-tire-tube/tr100-018?plpver=10and  http://eznoselift.com/index.php/price-list





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Hi Steve:


 Is the steel foot for a Cozy Mk IV? And is still available? What is the part number?


If so, please send me your PayPal address - privately if you like - and shipping cost (slow, cheap boat is preferred) to:


James Russell

Electric Shadows, Inc.

841 Old Gardiner Rd.

Sequim, WA 98382







James Russell

Electric Shadows, Inc.

841 Old Gardiner Rd.

Sequim, WA 98382 USA

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