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De-watering an engine

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I have had a bad experience with rust so I keep a dehydrator on my engine that runs about three hours per day.  It probably doesn't help cylinder walls much but I hope it helps the cam and lifters.





Another thing I do is blow the moisture out of the engine if I'm not going to fly for a few days (pic)  This is a 12V air-mattress pump from Walmart (pic).   When I turn this on, I will see 3-4 seconds of moisture come out the breather.  That moisture, left in the engine, would condense on the cam and start corrosion, cam wear, and lifter spalling.  A new cam is $800-1000, AMHIK.


Lycoming says run the engine for an hour and get it up to 180 degrees or more to evaporate water from the oil.  Even if I do that I still see about the same amount of moisture blow out, so I know it must help.


Do a google image search for engine dehydrators and you will see some other homemade ideas.  For me, the silica gel will last for at least six months, then I take it home and dry it out in the oven.


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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