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Long-EZ for Sale

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Long-EZ plans # 1968 was built and is still owned by Bo Kreide in the Los Angeles area. It was first flown in 1993 and has between 250 - 500 hours on the airframe and Mattituck rebuilt O-320-D3G engine. I am assisting Bo’s daughter in the sale of this aircraft. It is located in Compton, CA, also in the Los Angeles area.

I have completed a thorough Condition Inspection, signed off in July, 2014. Bo was a high quality builder and maintained his aircraft to high standards - this will make a great cross country aircraft for anyone.

The plane runs well and is very comfortable. Attached is a list of current equipment with a few pictures of the exterior and interior.

The owner has reduced the price to $44.9K OBO (some negotiation acceptable) - remember, this is a relatively low time engine and airframe.

If you are serious about purchasing this aircraft and would like a copy of the complete Condition Inspection Checklist and a list of future discretionary work, as well as a link to a more extensive set of pictures, aircraft logbooks and AROW documents, please contact me directly at the contact info listed below or in the attached document.

Serious buyers only can come to KCPM to evaluate the airplane and get a demonstration flight - please contact me directly for any technical info or to arrange a viewing/demo flight. If you wish a separate pre-buy examination with a third party inspector, that can be arranged as well.




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