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O-235 for sale - question


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Hey, everyone.


A non-pilot friend of mine called last night to tell me he knows of an O-235 for sale. He had a look at it for me today; he says it's an O-235C and there's TC223 marked on it, bendix mags, starter. He says the name plate says 100 HP but now he's not sure if it was really 108. So, my question: If I remember correctly, the Long-EZ requires an engine with provision for a mechanical fuel pump; does anyone know if the engine above is suitable/desirable for a Long-EZ? Also, he says it's due for overhaul, but otherwise looks like it's in good condition. I didn't expect to be shopping for an engine so soon, so I really haven't spent any time learning about what I need to look for. Any idea what this engine might be worth? Thanks.



Alberta, Canada.

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Have your friend take some pictures of the accesorie case so you can see if the motor has a fuel pump mount machined. I bought a 0235 C2C for my Longeze and had to have the accesorie case machined for a fuel pump. I was just learning back then. I know better now. It is all a learning exsperience. The motor worked great in the long but I would put an 0320 in now if I was to do it over again. That motor is 108 hp. My .02 STeve

Steve Harmon

Lovin Life in Idaho

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Working on Chapter 19,21

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