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Long Ez Financing


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I am looking into the purchase of my first Long Ez aircraft. After contacting several different Aviation Financing companys it appears to be very difficult to find anyone that is interested in loaning money for experimental aircraft and even more difficult to find a loan program for a Long Ez aircraft.


I am looking for advice as to where I might look for loan program and where others found loans.





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If you're serious about securing a loan with your Long-ez, try theses guys.




I used them a long time ago for a Cessna. They seemed like a good organization and they do make loans on experimentals.


Keep in mind though that if your loan is secured by your Long-ez almost any lender will require that you carry full hull (in-motion) insurance coverage. If you haven't priced that yet, prepare for a shock. Most ez owners settle for liability-only coverage. Hence the variety of indirect financing methods.



Long-ez Project Milwaukee


Long-ez project


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