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I have a Long EZ with O 320 with and Aymuth Cruise Wood Prop. Thinking of "experimenting" with a new prop. What are you using??? Performance??? Or any recommendation of prop????




Afif Saybe





I've tried a couple store-bought props and found them adequate. Generally, I prefer a course prop. Something that will give me 23" manifold pressure at 2400 RPM at cruise, at 4000' ASL. This usually gives me 170kts. a little more in calm air. The purchased props have all been too fine for my liking. What I really want is a CS prop that is light weight and reasonably priced. So far, I haven't found such a beast. :mad:


Since I can't seem to find the prop I want, I make them. The best so far is a 3 blade, 68" diameter with about 90" pitch. Unfortunately, my Hunt exhaust tends to burn one blade no matter where I index it. Second best so far is a 2 blade of similar proportions. I am currently working on a new 2 blade design with similar dimensions but with a wider cord.



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I have a Lightspeed prop on my Long. Klaus doesn't make them anymore.


I would recommend Gary Hertzler's Silver Bullet props. Everyone that I have talked to that has one, speaks highly of them. Gary is a great guy too and extremely knowledgeable about our planes.

Dave Adams

Long EZ N83DT

Race 83

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I concur.


My experience with the Silver Bullet prop and Gary Hertzler has been nothing short of perfection. I cannot speak highly enough of the performance of the prop itself, or the gentleman himself.


I have a lightspeed propeller (Berkut) that I use as a spare. I fly it very occasionally. It has wonderful top end performance but has always been a compromise in bottom end performance. I still love it though. In start contrast to Silver Bullet, Lightpseed product support has always left me completely astonished, even bewildered, but when you address the flaws with their parts yourself (or with the assistance of some fellow avionics/mechanical engineers at Boeing), they really perform very well. I'm not sure Klaus builds props anymore.



Wayne Blackler

IO-360 Long EZ


Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


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