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Diving In


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I'm committed now. My wallet is lighter though I haven't yet met my project-in-progress. I received a phone call tonight from the previous Cozy Mark IV tub owner during which we finalized the purchase. So, now I have a trip to plan to bring my new "baby" home.


Many years ago I knelt on the floor of a Cessna 172 experiencing a similar feeling. While climbing out onto the step of that plane I realized that this is what I'd planned (trained) for but as I let go of that wing-strut I found myself wondering what possessed me to let go of it so readily. I suspect this ride may turn out to be as exhilarating as those jump runs.

"Men become wise just as they become rich, more by what they save than by what they receive." - Wilbur Wright

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you have just gotten a killer deal, way to time it :bad::sad::mad::P i wish i was you. 500 then 875 and 2 weeks wait and all i had was a seat- back lol

for the head start you got i need to run out tonight and sand micro just so you wont catch me !

Steve M. Parkins

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