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  1. LOL. How embarrassing to have missed it right on the home page of the web-site. When I searched previously, I dug into the Experimental page on the navigation bar. In any event, thanks for passing along the price.
  2. Regarding the Franklin... I'm curious about the price. I missed it in my quick search of their web-site and I didn't find it quickly in a Google search. What price are you seeing?
  3. Jeff - How has the HF tool worked out for you? Have you tried fitting any other brands of blades/attachments to it? They've dropped the price to $39.99. While the price is certainly attractive, it also increases my skepticism.
  4. I'm committed now. My wallet is lighter though I haven't yet met my project-in-progress. I received a phone call tonight from the previous Cozy Mark IV tub owner during which we finalized the purchase. So, now I have a trip to plan to bring my new "baby" home. Many years ago I knelt on the floor of a Cessna 172 experiencing a similar feeling. While climbing out onto the step of that plane I realized that this is what I'd planned (trained) for but as I let go of that wing-strut I found myself wondering what possessed me to let go of it so readily. I suspect this ride may turn out to be as exhilarating as those jump runs.
  5. This is good information for me; I failed to give the "conformity" benefit significant consideration. From a total-cost-of-time standpoint, is LoVac significantly affecting construction time for parts (either increasing or reducing)?
  6. I'm new to these discussions and also to the topic of low-vac. Since I may soon be diving into my own Cozy project, I'm also interested the answer to JLKnolla's question. The discussion in this thread is educational for me and the various bits of embedded discussions are also valuable However, since I haven't seen an affirmative response to JLKnolla's question, is it accurate to conclude that there is no known hard data reflecting weight comparisons between parts completed using low-vac techniques against those without? Since I also understand that there are other benefits of low-vac, I'm also curious whether there's objective data regarding strength improvements, time-savings, etc. I understand that the technique may be somewhat controversial, but objective comparison data of the various attributes would help me make a determination about the techniques that I may use in my own construction.
  7. I assumed this would likely be the case, but in the interest of education I'm glad that I asked. Thanks for the response.
  8. I'm relatively green to composite construction and the term prepreg was completely new to me. This thread and some additional research have piqued my interest in prepreg construction. I'm interested in what ColinB is building. Are many others using prepreg materials and methods for canard-aircraft construction? Is this an acceptable alternative to the materials and methods used in the Cozy aircraft?
  9. Thanks for this detail Steve; this helps greatly. I'm mildly interested in the specs, pictures, price etc. for your fuselage.
  10. I was actually thinking of shipping it to my home. I've never shipped anything this large before and I assume that freight/shipping companies will need to know the size and weight.
  11. In consideration of adoption an in-progress Cozy Mk IV, I'm curious about the cost of transporting the project. The previous builder has completed the tub. Since I've not seen the plans or project yet, I'm wondering if anyone can provide rough estimates for the weight and dimensions of a typical tub.
  12. I've checked with the builder and he has completed through chapter 7 and about 2/3 of the way through chapter 8. So, if I understand the prices from Aircraft Spruce correctly: Cozy Mark IV Plans: $500 Chapter 4 - Fuselage Bulkhead: $612 Chapter 5 - Fuselage Sides: $363.80 Chapter 6 - Fuselage Assembly: $264.13 Chapter 7 - Fuselage Exterior: $178.95 Sub-Total: $1918.91 Chapter 8 - Fuselage Headrests/Heat Duct: $544.51 Since I'm not sure how much of Chapter 8 is included I'm not sure how to calculate the current investment, but for estimation sake, 50% adds another 272.25. So, it looks like the cost of the materials thus far is about $2200. Is it reasonable to assume that if the workmanship is good (might be tough for me to assess since I don't yet have experience in similar construction techniques) then such a project might be worth say half of the materials cost invested up to this point - about $1100?
  13. Thanks. I greatly appreciate the second opinion!
  14. Thanks for this information on the time savings. You mentioned "the tolerance of building duration". Is it safe to assume that you are figuring about 10 hours/week - a savings of 40 to 60 hours? The subject of time estimates for building various sections is interesting to me. I've seen the estimate of 2500 hours for total building time, but I haven't seen a breakdown. Does such a breakdown exist? I appreciate the information on the LongEZ; though, I'm primarily interested in the Cozy for its side-by-side seating and extra space.

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