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Need to find some one with a long EZ in South Texas


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Hey everyone, I have been on the site for about a year now, I was planning on starting a build last fall but I got laid off from my job, now I am back in the saddle again, hoping to be able to get back on track following my dream of building a Long Ez.


I do have one problem however, it has been a decade since I have sat in one, and I have grown considerably since that time, I need to find some one in south Texas who has a Long Ez that I can sit in to see if I fit so I can determine if I will need to widen the fuselage any.


I am about 18 miles west of Corpus Christi, if anyone has or knows of some one who has a LEZ in my area, please let me know. - Nick

We make no mistakes, ONLY INNOVATIONS!

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If you make it to the Houston area, we have a long, a vari and even a Velocity (which is mine) out at our hangar Ellington Airport (EFD). I am all but certain my hangar mate and EAA chapter 12 presedent, Richard Sessions, would allow you to sit in his new/old Long EZ should you make it up this way (he just bought it so new to him but it was flown by a NASA astronaut for years.


All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



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I have a project started that is on the main gear with axles and completed landing landing brake. I also have the special performance canard with offsets 99% completed then ready to finish. I own another airplane and one or the other has to go. If you are interested in a started project I am interested in selling this one and would sell at a reasonable cost.

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