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  1. Waiter, I am thoroughly impressed, I had talked with you a little bit before you started the whole ordeal last summer, and it looks to me like you have hit a home run. I cant wait to see it with the cowlings on and hear the report on the first flight. Bravo Zulu to you sir!
  2. like say a motor cycle throttle...
  3. Awesome man, that would be great, I will PM you my phone #
  4. Could be worse, in corpus on certain days you can swim in it.
  5. Hey everyone, I have been on the site for about a year now, I was planning on starting a build last fall but I got laid off from my job, now I am back in the saddle again, hoping to be able to get back on track following my dream of building a Long Ez. I do have one problem however, it has been a decade since I have sat in one, and I have grown considerably since that time, I need to find some one in south Texas who has a Long Ez that I can sit in to see if I fit so I can determine if I will need to widen the fuselage any. I am about 18 miles west of Corpus Christi, if anyone has or knows of some one who has a LEZ in my area, please let me know. - Nick
  6. nor should you use said tube when flying low over high voltage wires.
  7. sounds like fun. I will keep it in mind. and yes, I am totally trying to figure out what it is exactly I want to do right now. Getting there slowly but surly.
  8. The one thing I do see that Blue mountain has going for them, is all of thier Efis work as an engine monitor as well, Dynon doesnt, well they have one model that does, but when it comes to double redundancy the Blue mountain or aspen has em whooped.
  9. I will check him out, and yes, it will cost a bunch of money to run that setup, but the upside is, I can get it a piece at a time verses having to buy the whole kit and kaboodle in one shot...
  10. I hear you there, if everything goes right and I get through the pipe dream stages of doing what I am doing here and get into making it a reality it will be after the first of the year at the soonest before I can start working on it, so I am speculating that there will be many a good toy that comes out between now and then, it seems like they are making leaps and bounds. I like the size of the Aspen system, I was thinking 3 of em would fill up a Long Ez panel nicely. Before I set anything in stone, I am going to get out there and actually see the stuff, I am going to get involved with the EAA here, and hopefully next year I can hitch a ride to Oshkosh or fun in the sun and check all this stuff out hands on. Then make up my mind as to what will be getting installed.
  11. The E racer is based off a Cozy with no back seat basicly isnt it? I wonder how the cabin width effected your top speed and fuel economy? I have always wanted to build an E-racer with the chevy small block as they were designed, but from what I understand that isnt the best combination.
  12. Those are some very good points, thinking about it, I think my best bet would be to find some one who has Berkut plans, and get a set of copies, then build my wing and canard to berkut specs seeing as how it is designed for that powerplant combination. Then use the EZ canopy, and seating ect, I think the lower fusalage is pretty similar, and I do have a different engine cowling in mind than the stock EZ any how.
  13. Well, the plan is evolving, I finally got a price for the G600 today, they want 30 grand! so... ASPEN AVIONICS HERE I COME!!!
  14. Definitely, I got one plate in my head already , I don't need another! If it comes down to making major modifications like that, I will definitely seek out the assistance of some one who is well qualified in such things.
  15. Heh, one time we got a guy to sick his hand under the yellow contrail tube told him we needed him to stick his hand under there so we could purge the condenser on the radar to see if any water came out. "Yeah guys, lots of water coming out, its warm too..."

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