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Cozy MkIV fuselage for sale - $1000 OBO

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Cozy MkIV Fuselage for sale - $1000


I have a partially completed Cozy MKIV project for sale, fuselage completed through the nose section + additional parts. Good workmanship, plus many Featherlight and Aerocanard molded parts included.


Asking $1000, or best offer.


This project is back up for sale (again) The project is already crated, ready for shipment. Buyer pays shipping costs, or you can pick it up in Arlington, VA 22204.


Email me at: Stevehale_email [at] yahoo.com


This project includes:

- Chapter 4 Bulkheads - Complete

- Chapter 5 Fuselage Sides - Complete

- Chapter 6 Fuselage Assembly - Complete

- Chapter 7 Fuselage Exterior - Complete

- Chapter 8 Headrest, seatbelts - 90% completed (seatbelts not included)

- Chapter 13 Nose section - Complete 90%, Aerocanard molded nose, nose gear strut not included, canard cover not completed.

- Chapter 24 Fairings - Featherlight armrests


Special Features:

-Retractable step

-Removeable instrument panel

-Aerocad pre-molded nose section

-Featherlight nose gear cover, armrests

-Featherlight sump blisters

-Partially completed removable fuselage sump tank


I did not build this aircraft, I bought it from another builder to get a few select parts, which I've kept. Since I don't need it, I'm offering it at a great price, less than cost of materials.


FYI - the cost of the Chapt 4-19, 13 materials from Aircraft Spruce is $1,718+about $1000 for epoxy + ??? aerocad parts = >$3000. This'll save you about 6-12 months labor, plus $2000.


The buyer assumes all liability and risk. This sale is for an uncompleted, amateur built assembly of parts and material. The seller did not build or assembly this material and assumes no liability, and no provides no warrantee for its suitability for any purpose. The buyer assumes all liability and risk in any attempt to manufacture an amateur built aircraft and is required to follow all applicable safety practices, federal regulations and rules.






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