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Room engine bay


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Is there someone who can provide me dimensions and or designs/plans concerning the engine bay of a Cozy MK IV.

It very premature but I like to check if there’s enough room for a rather unusual power plant. ( no, not steam…)


Regards Johan


I tried to do some modeling on a PDF file but I think it’s not accurate enough


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I doubt it. As I like to use a future Cozy for cross country flights I want to fly as far as possible on a gallon of fuel. So, I choose a desired cruise speed and the existing charts on fuel consummation are indicating the necessary power needed for this speed.

1 gallon/hour is good for 10hp.

The first engine will be around 50 hp. Impossible to take-off on that power so there will be a second one installed (+100hp) to work simultaneously with the first.


IF there is enough room to install such a setup.

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I want to fly as far as possible on a gallon of fuel.

Are you familiar with the Varieze? There are several very fine examples that have been optimized to burn about 3 gallons per hour. Google "Gary Herzler Varieze" or "Savier Varieze" I found some discussion here



If you insist on a Cozy IV, you'd would probably get closer to your goal with a fuel-injected, electronic-ignitioned O-320 rather than trying to use two engines.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Thanks Kent, interresting link.


Like I said, it's very premature as I like to finish the hybrid for my Shadow first. The first "real world" parts are ready to be build. I expect a useable system at the end of this year.

If you are interested, you can follow the whole discussion and progress here:



After verifying a lot of info on hybrid systems it came clear that a good specific consumption is reached only at full throttle (max power) on a petrol engine.

It’s possible (and done before) to reduce the fuel burned to 0,2 liter/hp/hour, this makes approximately. 20hp on the gallon/hour. How fast is a VariEze going on 20 hp? Or 40 hp…

If it can take-off on 80hp I expect it to stay in the air with 30 hp.


Returning on the VariEze, Yesterday I took contact with someone who owns one.

I asked him to copy some parts of his plans concerning the engine bay/fuselage.



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