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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, er.. Molds

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Couldn't resist the title. Anyone with a teen daughter knows...:o


Just finished a pair of the wheel pants for myself and a fellow builder on the wheel pants mold list. These were fun to build and takes about a week a pair and about a hundred bucks to make.


Here's a tip for those next on the CSA traveling mold list:


1) Use clear plastic wrap in the mold for step 2 and 3. It saves the mold from excess epoxy and no waxing.


2) Bid tape the joints.


3) Make a holder for the boat molds.


4) Use fast hardner for the joint tapes so the epoxy doesn't drain off the tapes to the tip of the tail or nose overnight.






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I just got the paper list from the previous builder. It says its for 500x5 (Cozy) tires. The molds are on their way to Ohio now. Next on the list is a guy in Virginia but the list is over a year old and nobody else is on it.


Anyone who needs wheel pants I suggest you contact Terry Schubert to get these. Just make them and store em' somewhere if you're not ready.

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